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A report by the Centre of Metabolic Medicine and Surgery has revealed that as many as 66% of women in South Africa are overweight and 28% can be considered to be morbidly obese.

The figure in South African men is considerably lower with only 33% of men considered to be overweight and just 10% considered to be obese.

According to Graham Anderson of the Profmed Medical Scheme, 78% of obese and 52% of morbidly obese people in South Africa consider themselves to be healthy.

These figures are cause for concern as obesity leads to other serious illnesses which are associated with more than 2.5 million deaths a year worldwide.

Obesity related health problems include :-

  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Strokes
  • Heart Diseases
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Depression
  • Sleep problems

One of the biggest problems facing our society and the world is that, unlike 30 years ago, being overweight is becoming widely accepted and is even considered to be perfectly acceptable.

Obesity in China

Our South African figures are a stark contrast to those that are available for China. Although there is major concern over the effect of popular American fast food outlets on the weight of the nation, obesity still sits at just 5%.

The biggest concern in the cities of China where obesity has become more evident is that especially the young people are forsaking their traditional foods and drinks of green tea in favor of the western fast foods such as KFC and McDonald’s and of course Coca-Cola.

Is Green Tea the Key to China’s low obesity rate?

For centuries the Chinese have drunk green tea as their beverage of choice.  Research has indicated that green tea is able to boost your metabolism by as much as 4% and therefore increase your fat burning. Drinking 3 to 5 cups a day of green tea not only helps with your weight control but also produces a whole host of other health benefits such as reduced cholesterol, anti aging, improved cardio function etc.

In my frequent trips to China I personally noticed the change in the youth of China as they slowly began to forsake their traditional foods and tea’s and replaced them with the western fast foods and coca-cola.

In 1999 I was impressed at just how thin and young looking the youth were and just how clear their complexions were. 18 Year old girls appeared to me as though they were not even in their teens yet.  Men and women in their late sixties appeared to be no older than fifty.

By 2011 this had changed in the youth. The young people were now looking the same age as their western counterparts. Clear complexions had been replaced with acne and in general the teenagers were showing signs of being overweight.

My Experiment with Green Tea.

Reflecting on these changes in the Chinese and the increasing research on the weight loss benefits of green tea I decided to see if my theory on green tea was correct. I began to drink between 3 and 5 cups of a quality loose leaf green tea and monitored my weight.

Within a period of just 1 month I found that not only did I feel so much more healthy but my weight had also dropped by an incredible 4.5 kg’s. This is amazing since I did not increase my exercise or change my diet apart from replacing some of my usual coffee with green tea instead.

Perhaps Green Tea could supply the solution to the worlds obesity problem.

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