Simply Slim became a dieting must have during 2009 to 2010. The powerful so called “Natural” slimming pills became a rage due to the rapid weight loss that they produced.

However, they did not only produce massive weight loss but also seemed to produce some terrible side effects that were not in line with the “natural” product claims that were made.

In early 2010 analysis of the Simply Slim “natural” diet pill revealed that it contained an undeclared substance, called Sibutramine, at extremely high levels. In fact, it was found to contain as much as 27mg of Sibutramine, a substance only allowed by doctors’ prescription at a maximum dosage of 15mg.

The Simply Slim products in question were manufactured in China and imported to South Africa. In all fairness to Simply Slim, it is quite possible that they were totally unaware that the natural diet pills were laced with Sibutramine.

Other Chinese-based products found mainly in the USA were at the same time also found to be laced with Sibutramine and were also recalled from the shelves. Let’s face it, the Chinese do not lose their hair by supplying illegal and dangerous products or ingredients to you.

As a result of the findings all of the Simply Slim products were recalled. The Medical Council have since placed fairly strict regulations which prohibit the import of any herbal or supplementary medications without them first being registered by the Medical Council.

Simply Slim then went on to release a locally manufactured herbal slimming product but many of the claimed 40 000 original users were not as satisfied with the results compared to the results that they were achieving using the unsafe tainted Simply Slim product.

There have also been some claiming that the Simply Slim replacement was a bit of a hoax with the new product barely being made available to the public and yet they were able to display some Before and After photo’s of so called “Happy users”.

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  1. I loved this product in 2009 it worked wonders for me no side effects… I have gained over 20kg with my pregnancy now and would love to get my hands on this original product again.

  2. I did use simply slim original and was the only pil that i could loose weight.

    I really would love to get some more original simply slim pills please please please

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