Is Phen375 a scam in South Africa – Yes – No – Maybe – Not sure!

Phen375 is a diet pill which comes from the USA. There are literally thousands of very positive reviews about Phen375 which all show that Phen375 is possibly one of the strongest fat burners on the market which is available without a prescription.

Phen375 has undergone some changes.

In order to comply with regulations and make it less likely for orders to be confiscated at customs around the world Phen375 has recently undergone some formulation changes.

There have also been many instances of people buying counterfeit products from sites such as Ebay. These products are labelled Phen375original etc and are nothing more than a cheap scam. If the label says anything more than just Phen375 it is likely to be a cloned product.

Closer to home there are certain individuals that are selling a product which is supposedly Phen375. This is a fake and I urge you to only buy direct from the official website – link at the bottom of page.

Phen375 currently has 2 different formulations – one for the USA only where it seems that authorities are more lax on certain ingredients, and one for the EU and other countries. Regardless of these formulation changes, Phen375 is committed to providing a weight loss solution that is successful and which will assist you in achieving your weight loss goals.

The new weight loss testimonials that are being published on the Phen375 seem to confirm that the new formulation is very successful.

As of December 2021 Phen375 is no longer manufactured!

For a great alternative consider PhenGold


15 thoughts on “The Phen375 Scam”

  1. Yes. PHEN375 IS A SCAM. I ordered mine in July this year. Im still waiting. Their support email address no longer works. I think they blocked my emails. I dont have pills and i dont have money. So guys just know that you are what you eat. Lets change diets and go to the gym.

    1. Hi Pinky – please query your order with Phen375 directly by using their “Contact Us” form on the website. Please note that the form seems to ask for a Captcha which does not work – just ignore this and send message.

  2. Hi, I am from south Africa and I purchased phen375 on a special advertising on the website buy 2 and get 1 free. I paid using my credit card in march last year. The product seems to have come to Durban and returnEd back to usa. I tried to contact the company to get my mone back or plead to resend my order as soon as possible. I gave my postal address P.O box 24215, Broadlands, Mount edgecombe, Durban, 4000. Please send my products urgentlying or return my money. I paid close to R3000 for the product and I am disappointed with your company’s customer services. Why do yourl advertise online and ask people to pay but can’t deliver the product to them. This is fraud because I keep getting emails from yourl but cannot contact anyone to send my order. I used my home email address, however I prefer communicating on my work email as my husband is upset about this matter.

    Please can someone help me, please get my product to me urgently or return my money immediately.. Mishelle Doorasamy, 7804220024085, please pick up my details on your system.

    1. Hi Mishelle – please query your order with Phen375 directly by using their “Contact Us” form on the website. Please note that the form seems to ask for a Captcha which does not work – just ignore this and send message.

  3. I’m from South Africa. I bought Phen375 online at a site called “Duromine South Africa”. I received the pills within 3 days of ordering them. I started using them the week after and I have been using them now for a week, every morning before excercise and breakfast. I still eat as much as I used to, my appetetite has not been suppressed at all. I have used duromine before so I know how it works and what it feels like. But these pills don’t seem to work at all. I started doing research on the ingredients on the lable and the pills I have received has Citrus Bioflavonoids and a bunch of vitamins such as Vit C, B, Calcium, Pholic acid, Zinc, Magnesium, etc. It does not contain the Citrus Aurantium as advertised. I’m starting to think that I have been scammed!

    1. Hi Morne. The fact that you received the pills within 3 days tells me that you received a low quality counterfeit product. Genuine Phen375 comes only from the USA and generally takes 3 to 4 weeks to arrive. The website you refer to seems to have been suspended. Always buy direct from the official website only.

    2. Hi
      I have just ordered mine from on the 24th and I’m still waiting ,from what you are saying I must just forget about it I guess and what’s odd is they don’t have contact details other than their e mail

    3. I also ordered from Duraminesouthafrica. Received within 2 days. The moment I opened the delivery packet I knew I’ve been had…The packaging and label is cheap, and if you check ingredient statement, it’s no more than vitamins and minerals

  4. Hi I also ordered from Duromine South Africa and when I opened the box, I knew I had been scammed. The label on the bottle was a sticker and the ingredients are hogwash!!!
    Please do not buy from “duromine south africa” website.
    I have been using my pills no for 2 weeks and it has done nothing.
    Wasted money!!!!!

  5. Hi, looking for one person to go half with Phen375 as 6 bottle are about R3000 to ship to S.A…..Thanks

  6. Hi, From my understanding after doing much research. Phen375 is not available in South African stores and there are no agents who sell or are allowed to sell it.

    It can only be bought online from overseas.[USA], not sure about the UK though.

    1. Hi Amanda – Phen375 is only available from the official website and ships directly from the USA to South Africa. It usually takes approx 3 weeks to reach you.

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