Best weight loss tip

I received a very important warning and a fantastic weight loss tip from one of the readers and so I decided to post this very important weight loss information for all to see.

Are you one of those people that seem to just be gaining weight no matter how hard you try to lose? Well this could be the reason why you have a problem.

This is the message I received.

New information on shampoos.

I just discovered this important info below – please share with all your friends. I don’t know why┬áI did not figure this out sooner!!!

It’s the shampoo I use in the shower.

When I wash my hair the shampoo runs down my entire body and (DUH!). Printed very clearly on the shampoo bottle label is this very important warning –

“For Extra Volume and Body”.

No wonder I have been gaining weight!!

Well now I have got rid of that shampoo and am rather going to start to use “Fairy” dishwashing liquid instead. It’s label reads-

“Dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to Remove.”

Problem solved – If I am not replying to any emails it is because i am washing my hair and losing fat in the shower.