Is Nuvoryn a scam?

Nuvoryn Diet pills have featured as a paid advert in every single google search that I conducted to do with weight loss. The website that the ad takes you through to is www dot and is a really great looking website with some amazing testimonials from people who claim to have lost lots of weight.

In the top right of the website is a contact number with the familiar Cape Town prefix of 021 and when you go to the order page of the website it lists all the prices in South African Rands.

Has to be a legitimate South African website right – Absolutely Wrong.

There is nothing South African about the website.

  • The contact number redirects to a call centre in India!
  • The website is registered in France
  • The diet pills are shipped from the UK

Nuvoryn Banned in South Africa

The big scam part of Nuvoryn is that Nuvoryn diet pills contain an ingredient “Damiana” which is in fact a banned substance in South Africa.  Medications containing Damiana may not be produced or imported to South Africa and any attempt to import will result in the product being destroyed by customs.

So now you have seen the very impressive website and have placed and paid for your order via credit card. You are checking your post daily waiting for your parcel to be posted to you from supposedly Cape Town and instead you receive a note from customs advising you that the goods you were trying to import have been destroyed due to them containing a banned substance.

In fact there is also a law in South Africa which prevents South African residents from importing any form of medication without first obtaining an import permit from the Medicines Control Council (MCC). While the customs is sometimes lenient in this regard, even if Nuvoryn did not contain a banned substance you would still stand a chance of having your order confiscated by customs.


The World Wide Web can sometimes be confusing to surfers who can easily be misled and conned by unscrupulous marketers such as in the case of Nuvoryn South Africa.

It is wise that prior to ordering any product online that you first make sufficient enquiries and satisfy yourself totally that you are dealing with a local reputable company and not a scam.

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