Sibutrex contains Sibutramine
Sibutrex contains Sibutramine


I have recently encountered numerous adverts online from people who are selling Sibutrex 15mg tablets in online classifieds such as Gumtree.

Sibutrex 15 is a slimming tablet that contains 15mg of Sibutramine – a substance now banned in South Africa. Sibutramine is the exact same substance that was originally found in the imported Simply Slim product that was subsequently removed from the shelves due to the numerous negative side effects that may be caused as a results of the use of Sibutramine.

A word of warning to any potential customers is that Sibutrex is banned in South Africa and those who are importing and selling Sibutrex  are doing so illegally.

Best Alternatives to Sibutrex

If you are looking for good weight loss results then there are many legally available fat burners in South Africa that will produce excellent weight loss results without the negative side effects that you could encounter when using a banned product such as Sibutrex.

PhenGold  is a product that is both safe and which produces incredible results. PhenGold is distributed from the USA and is available safely and legally without a doctors prescription. There are no known serious side effects.

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30 thoughts on “Sibutrex in South Africa”

  1. I have used this product and I didn’t encounter any side effects whatsoever.
    I have lost lots of weight and I have consulted my doctor throughout and I am 100% healthy.

    Phen375 contains a substance which is banned. You have been openly promoting this product. Before you criticize other products you should look at your own products.

    1. Hi Maria,
      While many people have used sibtramine products without any immediate evident side effects, there are also those who have not been so fortunate and who have suffered badly.

      Sibutramine based products have been banned in most countries around the world due to this!

      Yes, while I do promote Phen375 I do think that you have got your facts horribly wrong. Phen375 contains no substances that are banned in South Africa at all. The only country in the world that does have a problem with Phen375 is New Zealand who considers it to be a party drug.

      If any substance contained in Phen375 was banned in South Africa we would not have bothered submitting Phen375 to the Medical Council of South Africa for registration or taken the trouble to make the necessary arrangements for “legal” import of Phen375 into South Africa.

      I think that the essence of the matter is that you do need to check your statements carefully prior to posting unfounded claims.

  2. Why do some people have to be such kill joys??? The old Simply Slim was a weight loss pill that REALLY worked for many people, where others had failed.

    I don’t see the big deal about subutramine in anyway. It is giving to over weight patients everyday to aid their weight loss. It is the core substance for Reductal as well as Ciplatrim, which by the way is endorsed by weight less. Sure there is some contra indications, as there is to MOST pills you take, prescription or not! With the new product they make the contra indications very clear! Enforcing the correct use of the product is every adults OWN responsibility!!

    Some of us have tried everything and failed miserably. So please leave us who would like to try the pills to enjoy our little diet treat!!!

    Can’t believe it’s back!!! Whoop Whoop

    1. Hi Nikki,
      Thanks for taking the time to add value on the subject.
      While Sibutramine was the core substance in Reductil, and certainly has helped many people to lose weight, you may have noticed that Reductil has also been removed from the market.
      Most people look only at the positive and never look at possible negative consequences. The huge problem is that we always believe that it will never happen to us and then one day suddenly it hits you and you start to scream and moan as to why no-one ever warned you.

      I would suggest that read the following Wikipedia Sibutramine article in full as it will give you a slightly better understanding of the problem and the risks involved.

      1. Hi Butch,

        I have done my research and are very aware of the pro’s and cons. I know that Reductil has been taken of the market. The reason however was not because it was banned, but because Ciplatrim its exact generic version (, that is still on the market, caused Reductil sales to fall dramatically. A lot of pharmacies had the problem that their Reductil stock expired.

        I have used Sibutramine with great success, but have done my research and ensured that the product is safe for me to use.

        The list of contra-indications is long. If you however fall in the lucky margin of people who are not contra-indicated in any way, I see no problem with using it!

        1. Hi Nikki,
          Sibutramine containing products such as Reductil, Sibutrex and Ciplatrim are schedule 5 medications – ie they need a doctors prescription. The selling or possesion of these products without a valid doctors prescription is illegal.
          There is a reason that they are only available via a doctors prescription and that is due to the dangerous side effects that they can produce. Persons using Sibutramine without a doctors prescription place themselves at risk of serious heart problems.

          I accept the fact that you may have had no side effects at all not everyone has been as fortunate as you. Tell me one thing – how does a person determine by themselves if they are not going to be affected by Sibutramine. Do they take the substance and if they do not have a heart attack or die then they know that they are posibly safe!!

          This is why it is controlled and should not be sold through newspaper and online classifieds.

          You may find the extract from Health24 below interesting
          “The article in the Pretoria News (2010) also pointed out that the MCC has said that it intends taking “appropriated action” against generic versions of sibutramine-containing drugs such as Ciplatrim. A weight loss programme combining Ciplatrim and Weigh-Less was launched at the beginning of September 2009 and many of Health24’s users reported that they were using it with varying degrees of success. In view of the MCC statement, Cipla may also be asked to withdraw Ciplatrim in the near future.”

  3. Simply Slim worked wonders. It was a tragedy that it was banned. I am sure that its ban was instigated by large chemical/medication companies who did not share in its profits. I suppose people who did not follow the advice of the providers did had side effects but if you did follow the advice (drink a lot of water everyday and skip the tablets every few weeks to ensure your normal metabolisme stays effective.

    Where can I get some Ciplatrim tablets (with a doctors presription). My normal pharmacy said they were taken of the market. I stay in Boksburg and would really be glad if I could get my hands on some Ciplatrim tablets ( the original Simply Slim will be even better, they really worked – lost 20 kg before they were banned)

    1. HI Hennie,
      Simply Slim contained Sibutramine at almost double the dosage that a doctor is allowed to prescribe and as such it was very effective for some fortunate people but others suffered from serious side effects due to the overdose of Sibutramine.
      Ciplatrim contains Sibutramine as well. Many countries are clamping down heavily on Sibutramine due to it being associated with increased cardiovascular events and strokes.

  4. Hi Butch
    Can you please clarify for me, is Sibutrex available in South Africa?

  5. Hi Butch,
    There is a product called 4S slimming capsules being sold in South Africa.
    It looks almost identical to Lida Daidaihua (even the packaging) – which has been identified and listed as weight loss capsules containing sibutramine.
    I am concerned that the 4S tablet may also contain sibutramine if it’s the same product in disguise – although it’s been advertised as a pure natural herbal product.
    Do you perhaps have any information or knowledge regarding the 4S slimming Capsules?

    Look forward to hear from you.

    1. Hi Mari,
      I do not personally know the product and unless it is analysed in a lab it is impossible to say definitely that it does contain Sibutramine. However having a quick look at the testimonials and reviews many people do talk about having to drinking lots of water. This is a sure sign that it does possibly contain Sibutramine. It does seem that many of the diet pills manufactured in China contain undeclared and illegal ingredients.

      1. Thanks so much for your reply Butch.
        I have purchased the 4S slimming capsules from a agent (who is also a doctor), under the impression it’s 100% herbal.
        I’ve been taking the 4S Slimming capsules for 20 consecutive days and started feeling very light-headed all of a sudden. It’s now been 5 days since I stopped taking the capsules, and my head is spinning non-stop. I go to bed at night with a dizzy spinning head, and I wake up in the morning with a dizzy spinning head. I’m seeing my doctor tomorrow, and I’m adamant to have these capsules tested. Do you perhaps know of any laboratories I can approach for testing or any Medical governing bodies I could contact to question / report the 4S Slimming product?
        I feel really betrayed.

        1. Hi Mari

          I have exactly the same concerns as you, after having purchased it and having EXTREME thirst. I would love to join you in your quest in discovering just exactly what is on these pills.

  6. Hi Mari,
    I am sorry to hear about your adverse side effects.
    You may report the product to the Medicines Control Council at
    Alternatively you may also contact a newspaper such as Beeld or the Citizen who would probably only be too pleased to have the product analysed and report on it.

    1. hey guys. . .about the 4s pills? . .did you loose anything? . .do u have high blood pressure?

  7. Hi,
    Mari and Belinda have you had any success in having the 4S slimming capsules analyzed for any traces of illegal chamicals. I have been using them now for 5 days and have this weird headache I cant describe, it comes and goes.

  8. Hi guys. Any further developments with 4s? I also got that fuzzy headache and anxiety and irritability. Been off it for 5 days now and still feel awful.

  9. Hi everyone…. let me just say I’ve taken dozens, maybe hundreds of diet pills over the past 30 years and only one has worked – Simply Slim! The old version only. I have also taken Sibutramine tablets – but they didn’t work. I don’t know what was in the old Simply Slim but it’s a shame it’s not still available.

    Butch, I disagree with your postings – they seem like scare tactics. It’s just as dangerous to take Phen375… some people die from eating peanuts, the oldest man in the world living in Asia is a chain smoker, top athletes have heart attacks and die in their prime, some people cannot tolerate caffeine, etc. I think the better approach is to simply explain to people that there are risks with taking any supplement, please consult a physician before taking any medication (OTC or not) and be careful.

    1. Hi Gary,
      The old Simply Slim contained nearly twice the amount of Sibutramine that a doctor was allowed to prescribe. At such an overdose it would work well for people who could tolerate the sibutramine and was highly dangerous for those who could not.
      While I understand your reasoning that people should consult a physician before using any medication the simple truth is that they don’t. Body image is everything to many people and they mostly could not care about any possible bad side effects as long as they are able to achieve their goals. However the story changes dramatically as soon as the side effect begins to affect them personally.
      While sibutramine and other banned diet pill ingredients will not affect everyone they do affect a small percentage of people and can be fatal. Please remember that someone does make up that small percentage of people affected and while you personally may not be affected it could be your best friend that starts to use it simply because you told them how wonderful it is and how much weight you lost using it.

  10. I’ve used a product that contained sibutramine, however I didn’t know how bad it was. I lost 15kg’s in 2.5 months and had no side effects. When they took the product off the market and brought it back as “new and improved” obviously minus the banned ingredient, it didn’t work at all. I’m not promoting sibutramine…but u did aid my weightloss and many of my friends dropped the weight very fast as well.

  11. Dear Butch,

    I saw this messages started in 2011 already. Would really like to know if the Phen375 is by now available in South Africa.

    I am not going to add my opinions wrt Sibutramin etc. Like Gary said, the old Simply Slim worked wonders, and luckily for me, it did not affect me negatively. I lost a lot of weight on it, and unfortunately had put it back on. Then again… wrt ADMIN’s response…

    “Body image is everything to many people and they mostly could not care about any possible bad side effects as long as they are able to achieve their goals.” … Sadly I am on of those people… ;o(

    Could you please help wrt the availability of Phen375. Thank You.

    1. Hi Ria. Unfortunately Phen375 can only be purchased direct from the USA. It is not available anywhere else in the world.

  12. I live in Kuruman Northeren Cape where or who can I order from.Many thanks.


  13. Good day

    Im looking for Sibutrex 15,simply slim or similar to purchase i used siply slim before with grate results.


    1. Hi Jaco, Perhaps it would be best to discuss your needs with your doctor. The requested products all contain Sibutramine which is highly regulated and not available in over the counter medications.

  14. Hello – thanks for the great advice on Sibutrex. Think I will rather try something a bit safer.

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