Realistic Weight Loss

What is realistic weight loss – simple – it is weight loss than can realistically be achieved.

News Years Resolution

Lose weight and get to my ideal weight

Is my ideal weight actually achievable?

I have had to do a bit of soul searching over this new year period about my own weight. Lately (for the past 5 years) my weight has been fluctuating between 87kg and 89 kg where I would really love my weight to be at my ideal of 82Kg.

However, when I looked back to the period when I was last at my ideal weight I realised that since then my entire lifestyle has changed.

I used to be a physical sport competitor and was out practising for 3 to 4 hours a mininum of 4 times a week. A single 2 to 3 hour session could produce weight loss of up to 2kg.  When not practising or riding in competitions I led a pretty active life with a fair deal of physical activity involved.

Now, a couple of years later, I sit at a computer for most of the day – up to 16hours a day. I have almost nil physical activity.  I still eat the same amount of food and drink ten times more coffee. How can I ever expect to reach my ideal weight of 82kg’s.

Realistically with the help of some good diet pills I would be able to get down and maintain a weight of 85Kg’s but without a strict diet and increased exercise it will be impossible to reach a weight of 82kg again.

I think that this is a common problem that many people experience. We often set unrealistic ideals for our weight loss and get upset and even depressed when you are not able to achieve them. Setting a  realistic goal and adjusting the goal according to your circumstances could make a huge difference to the success of your weight loss efforts.

Happy dieting !!

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