Nuvoryn Diet pills have featured as a paid advert in every single google search that I conducted to do with weight loss. The website that the ad takes you through to is www dot and is a really great looking website with some amazing testimonials from people who claim to have lost lots of weight.

In the top right of the website is a contact number with the familiar Cape Town prefix of 021 and when you go to the order page of the website it lists all the prices in South African Rands.

Has to be a legitimate South African website right – Absolutely Wrong.

There is nothing South African about the website.

  • The contact number redirects to a call centre in India!
  • The website is registered in France
  • The diet pills are shipped from the UK

Nuvoryn Banned in South Africa

The big scam part of Nuvoryn is that Nuvoryn diet pills contain an ingredient “Damiana” which is in fact a banned substance in South Africa.  Medications containing Damiana may not be produced or imported to South Africa and any attempt to import will result in the product being destroyed by customs.

So now you have seen the very impressive website and have placed and paid for your order via credit card. You are checking your post daily waiting for your parcel to be posted to you from supposedly Cape Town and instead you receive a note from customs advising you that the goods you were trying to import have been destroyed due to them containing a banned substance.

In fact there is also a law in South Africa which prevents South African residents from importing any form of medication without first obtaining an import permit from the Medicines Control Council (MCC). While the customs is sometimes lenient in this regard, even if Nuvoryn did not contain a banned substance you would still stand a chance of having your order confiscated by customs.


The World Wide Web can sometimes be confusing to surfers who can easily be misled and conned by unscrupulous marketers such as in the case of Nuvoryn South Africa.

It is wise that prior to ordering any product online that you first make sufficient enquiries and satisfy yourself totally that you are dealing with a local reputable company and not a scam.

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72 thoughts on “Is Nuvoryn a scam?”

  1. hi, i have ordered & paid for these pills, is there any way i can get my money back?

    1. Hi Louise,
      Unfortunately I do not know of anyone who has been successful in getting a refund from Nuvoryn.


  3. I also lost money with nuvoryn there has to be something we can do to get our money back

  4. I just phoned the 021 number. the guy on the phone said they only receive credit card. I don’t have one (luckily) and asked them seeing that they work from cape town, can I come and collect my goods there and pay. he said, no ma am, company policy that they only receive by credit card. their offices is from new york.

  5. Hi
    Like all the other comments I also called the (021) number was very surprised to get a American answer the phone My question to him was as a person with a heart disease (heart attack) was it safe to take (his) reply of course as it is all naturaland that if I go to there web site it will answer all my questions but alas no info on side affects instead I found this comment site that goodnes as after reading that the one is banned in S.A. I will not be purchasing the product so here again thanks to all for your comments much appreciated

    1. Hi Jean,
      You were fortunate.
      With your current heart condition you should first consult your doctor before taking any kind of diet pill at all. You could however look towards the weight loss properties of green tea which would also help to reduce your cardio risk and boost general health.
      See for more information

  6. Strange! I received my order of Nuvoryn within 2 weeks. I live in Johannesburg. Due to reading this website, I have not made an attempt to use them yet.

    1. Hi Caroline,
      I read on one of the numerous Nuvoryn websites that they have removed the Damiana (Banned in South Africa) from their formulation which may explain why your order managed to slip through customs. However please note you were fortunate as regardless of the formulation used us South Africans are not allowed to order any form of medication, even herbal, from overseas. On some occasions such as yours it may slip through but in many cases it is confiscated at customs resulting in a loss of the money paid for the order.

    2. Hi Caroline,

      Do you still have your supply? How much would you like for it? Willing to take them off your hands and try this.

      1. Hi Valerie,

        I have 3 bottles of Nuvoryn and 3 bottles of Pure Cleanse willing to give up and sell to you as I found out I got pregnant and unable to consume them.

        Please reach me at my email ( if you have any interest.

        Price is negiotiable. Thanks…

  7. I ordered this and another product called PURECLEANSE. I have been waiting for something inthe post since 1st week of Jan. Is this PureCleanse also a scam ?

    How long usually would it take for the customs to send me a note ??

    Looks like I’m another sucker thats been caught. My account was debited three times by this lot !!!!

    1. Hi Michelle,
      The owners of Purecleanse have hidden all their details behind domain privacy settings in order to prevent anyone discovering who they are. It is coincidental that Nuvoryn now uses the exact same company to hide their details. The websites setups and sales method is almost identical to each other so it is highly likely that Nuvoryn and Purecleanse is one and the same company.
      I do urge you to take this matter up with your credit card company in order to reverse the charges if possible.

  8. I have ordered and am trying the product which i have received two weeks later than promised. I DO hope it works!!!!!!

  9. Sometime last week i clicked on a flash from one or other site. At that point i didn’t read the article but it was saved on my reading list. Yesterday (16/01/2013) i read the article and it was about Nuvoryn. I was about to make payment as it seemed like the “miracle pill” with such great reviews. All the comments were dated 15 & 16 jan and the special offer was till 18 Jan. today the very same comments are written 17 jan and the special offer has now changed to 19 Jan. Worst of all if i type the site where i read the article from on google search, it does not exist. All the links in the site take you to IOL. All i can say is thank goodness for once my common sense prevailed and i did not impulse buy.

    1. Hi, I have ordered and pay as well. Now I see all these bad comments? Did you receive your pills?

  10. I also purchased the pills on 24th October 2012 and to date I have not received my order. I called the call centre on numerous occasion and it gets answered by some UK and American accent speaking guys who would take down your details and promised that someone will contact you within 48 hours and it does not happen. This is a scam and I also lost R958.00

  11. I was about to pay when something told me to check if it’s not a scam! I’m so happy I hadn’t paid. When I called the lady was so rude I just had to check,

  12. I am also desperate to loose weight. I read all your comments and hope I am not too late to HELP you.

    If you paid by credit card, the transaction can be reversed. I unfortunately do not know for how long after purchase though.

  13. I too have ordered Nuvyron and have been waiting in anticipation for these miracle tablets

    1. Hi Sharon,
      Although the chances are very slim I do hope that you do at least get something for your money spent.

  14. I have also been a victim of this scam. When I went to the website I believed that it was a local South African one and I foolishly paid R1,437-00 with my credit card for the buy 3 bottles get 3 free! The money was immediately debited from my card and I cannot get the goods released from customs. If so many people have been conned this way, what can we do about this to get our money back or get the products?

  15. That just puts me over the edge, it’s not small change that we spend on this product. I also purchased, send e-mails etc and nothing, this is not right!!!!! I want my money back!

  16. I ordered 1 bottle 29/12/2012 and finally received it first week of Feb after numerous phone calls to the “American” in Cape Town and emails to the web address being returned ‘Recipient Unknown’. Have started taking the pills, I’m on day 3, and still eating like there’s no tomorrow ! Will try them for another week and let you know how I go.

  17. I also paid R958 early in January 2012 and am still waiting. I have learned an expensive lesson and will not be caught again!!

  18. I was reading Nrew24 yesterday and came across the Nuvoryn on their health tips written by HELEN MOSES who writes that she tried and tested these pills to the extent she lost a lot of weight – of course, then came the glowing comments. I ordered the Nuvoryn and Purecleanse only to discover my debit card had been debited FOUR TIMES….. does anyone know who Helen Moses is? After my daughter telling me this is a con I researched and discovered that Nuvoryn is banned in South Africa. How can this Helen Moses claim on News 24 Heath Tips that she tried and tested these tablets knowing this. Quite frankly I am debating whether to seek legal recourse against News 24 and this obviously, in my opinion, lying and misleading woman.
    Article Here –

    1. Hi Micki,
      The above site is in no way associated with Health24.
      The site is registered in Los Angeles and is owned by an affiliate to Nuvoryn – the owner of the website gets paid a commission for every sale that the website may generate.
      The website itself is specially designed to appear like a genuine news and information site in order to scam you into truly believing everything that is said on the website – even the comments are usually created by the website owner.
      Unfortunately this website is nothing but a scam and it is highly unlikely that Helen Moses has ever personally taken Nuvoryn or even been to South Africa if she even exists.

  19. Oh my gosh! I actually ordered the nuvoryn product as well without any research on the company which is so unlike me because of my desperation and all d great testimonials there. And paid £119 hoping it would be shipped to my home country-Nigeria within “6days” as stated by them. Its over 8days now and i have not received any parcel and decided to check if this is a scam and …. Voila!!!! Am in shock! I would try and call my credit card company if the payment can be reversed.

    1. Hi Aura,
      It is highly possible that you will receive your parcel as you reside in Nigeria and not South Africa. Nuvoryn contains an ingredient which is banned in South Africa and as a result the orders are being confiscated by customs in South Africa.
      Unless Nigeria has also banned Damiana you should not have a problem.

    2. Hi, dit you finally get your tablets? Or are you also still waiting. Did you come right with you credit reverse?


  20. I ordered nurvoryn on the 26th of January 2013,one bottle for R528.I have called the 0213002301 number 7 times but all they do is to take my details and promise to respond within 48hrs.Oh cry my hard earned money.Never thought this could be a scam.Its so painful.

  21. Just realized I have lost R3000!!! Excacly the same as all the other complaints….. Oh my word. Expensive lesson learned. When it seems to good to be true, it most probably is too good to be true…

  22. Very very interesting reading. Much appreciated. I have a policy of never buying anything off the internet unless I can pay by EFT and therefore never capture my card details on any so called ‘secure’ payment form. If organisations cannot take this into account then I simply do not do business with them. After all it is my hard earned money!

  23. aah no I cannot believe it but what is too be expected also got scammed R1098 later – no pills – no promises weight loss and disappointed.

    Trying to get it reversed pray Lord we are successful.

  24. Hi All, maybe I was just lucky. I ordered Nuvoryn in December. Got quite nervous when I didn’t receive anything. I went back to the site and saw a UK email address. Told my story and received the order a few days later, as promised by a very friendly person who actually phoned me from the UK!!!
    He apologized, said he had heard that the South African side of it all is a scam. and yes, I am using the tablets. I have had no reason to believe that I got through to another “scam holding”The website looked authentic and if not, where did I get the pills from?

    1. Jeanette,I amm pretty interested in this….what website did you use and who did you ahve contact with ,that you got your pills from …..and have you lost weight?

    2. please can you share the UK email address with me. I ordered in dec 2012 and have received nothing. Lost my money

      1. Hi Yasmin,
        They hide their email adresses so no one can contact them but you can try this one –
        Alternatively use the “Contact Us” form on their website or try call the call centre.

  25. thank goodness for this. Thought i would research before buying…glad i did.

  26. Does someone has an addres of the owner?
    I really want to burn the place down..

  27. I have ordered my pills on the 11th of March and after reading all the comments, I could kick myself for ordering. I were therefore very surprised when I received my order on Friday, late but at least I got it.

  28. So glad to read this page BEFORE I bought the pills.
    I also saw the Helen Moses article and thought it looked amazing. Pity. I would love to have more energy, clear skin and lose a bit of weight.

    I watched SICK FAT AND NEARLY DEAD last week, maybe that’s a better diet plan to follow … just have to buy a juicer

  29. Dam, I purchased this on the 4th March. what I don’t understand: If it is all a SCAM why hasn’t someone shut down the website. I was wondering why my order was taking so long to get here, 1st time this has happened to me, I will make sure I investigate further before I purchase next time 🙁

  30. i ordered a bottle in march and still no response its just a scam that this freaking company runs away with our monies.

  31. WOW ! Thanks guys. I almost fell for this ! Luckily that little voice said to maybe do some research first !

  32. I’ve received my 3 x bottles after 6 months’ of phoning and complaining. I checked the ingredients, but nowhere is Damiana been described. I wonder now whether the product I received, is not placebos, as it seems that it does not work.

  33. Am sorry to all those that lost their monies, lets hope to be more careful with our hard earned money going forward. I got this via email linking Dr. Oz but when i went to Dr. Oz website i read about Acai berry but not these pills. Also on the order now page they say pay for 3 bottles and get 3 free but the total they charge is for 6 bottles excluding delivery. That was odd and neccessitating me to dig more. Am glad I did not but.

    One Question: To all those that bought, are these pills working, please also share your stories.

    Lastly is there something wrong with this banned substance, what happened if you eat it. Am thinking healthwise to those that are taking the pills.

  34. The mere fact that they couldn’t spell Durban (DURBEN???) correctly in the testimonial is a bit of a give-away, don’t you think? That’s it… I’m going to buy some of those big Emeralds from my nice Nigerian friend across the road with my Euro Lotto Winnings and if that’s not sufficient then I’ll use the money I’m about to inherit from a long-lost Malaysian Uncle I never even knew about.

  35. I am a wellness consultant, they are using my client’s photos to promote their weight loss!! This reflects bad on me, my one client is FURIOUS when I showed her the articles!!!

    We have even sent letters demanding the removal of the photos and they are ignoring us. We have no address to even send the Legal Letters to.

  36. Hi Butch

    You seem to be a man that know all about the stuff.What is the best diet product to use.I know exercise and eating is best,but just to kickstart the process..

    1. Hi Magnus, My recommendation is Rubedo but there are a couple of other products that could work for you as well. The biggest initial step is to figure out why you are gaining weight in the first place and then counteract accordingly.
      ie if your diet is correct and everything else is right but you simply do not get enough exercise then no matter what diet pills you take you will end up gaining weight again once you stop the diet pills. You need to incorporate some extra exercise into your daily routine to control your weight.

  37. Thank goodness I decided to check out the names via google and came across this site. I saw the advert on facebook and was so impressed and wanted to read what it was actually about on another site with some extensive research, and WOW!!! scam scam scam. Thank you all so much. A good lesson for me to make sure I do check everything out in the future to make sure. I think going a natural route of cutting down on junk food and good exercise is the way to go.

  38. Really I am one of the victims .I placed my order in May 18 2013 till today I have not received anything, Can someone send me their phone numbers pls

  39. God is on my side. I almost order the product. Thank for your comment

  40. I Just got my order today waited 3 weeks. the substance Damiana is no longer in the product.

  41. Hi All

    Sorry that all you guys who lost your money. Just a word of advice , contact your credit card and explain to them that you have not received the product and i am certain that they will refund your money. I had paid for a product years ago and didnot get it and i complained to my credit card (standard bank) and they refunded me the next day. try it you got nothing to lose.

  42. I order my stuff and received it so no problem on my side I just had to pay and import duty of R140 and i am happy with the product .

  43. I have now also made this stupid mistake to order the nuvoryn and pure cleanse. Now I am reading al these bad comments! How stupid can one be to really fall for such a scam. What I would like to know is why do some people get the pills and others not? And it seems that this scam is going on for quite a while now, are they so clever not to get caught???

  44. Cathy Duggan says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    August 13, 2013 at 6:31 am

    18th July, 2013 placed order 07h53am and got reply thank you for order at 01h53pm same day, which thought was great, and money went off bank account straight away too.
    To date I have NOT received the order and have followed up on a few phone calls and e-mails and NOTHING mentioning your order is on the way , responce Dear Customer,

    We ensure the delivery of the order after successfully booking of Nuvoryn order.

    100% Guaranteed Delivery Of Order:
    Order delivery is 100% guaranteed. We guarantee your money back in the case of failed delivery.

    Refund Of The Order
    You can ask us to give refund of the order after the delay in delivery of
    30 days.

    Please inform us “Order Placement Date” when you send your complaint of delay in delivery of the order.

    Please reply to this email if you have any questions.

    Warm regards.


    Nuvoryn Customer Service Team

    But then on returning home last night got a letter stating Detention Notice – inspection date 02/08/2013 and say’s product under investigation , and stating return to sender, can you please advise why????? and when can i have my refund??? as i ‘m very disappointed in the same to day and was looking forward in trying out youyr product.
    If i do not eithere recieve product by end of week or refund i’m going to lay a charge of fraud against the company, which will be my last resort, as was very knee on trying this product out.
    Cathy Duggan 0726154347

  45. Absolute scam, with Nathans Natural and they are not the only ones. The money goes and everything looks fantastic. I thought if the site allows you to buy from SA then the product is OK but not so. I have been caught 3 times, so have finely learnt not to buy via the internet.

  46. My,My My…….were any one able to retrieve there money by any way?I also was so “stupid” to order…and R 3440 later…no comment on my e-mails .Is there any way that one can DO SOMETHING AGAINT THESE PEOPLE.The same night I put my order..I phone my bank (ENB) and they told me they cannot reverse any of the debitcard transactions.
    PLEASE ……what can we do?

  47. How is it possible that the SA website is still running? I ordered both Novuryn and Pure-Cleanse in March this year and to date – not a thing! Money went off immediately – my story is the same as Cathy’s.
    Is there a web-site that this type of fraud can be reported?
    We need to stop this from continuing. What can we do?
    Is there someone out there that can write a program that if some clicks on their web-site they immediately get sent to this web-site and they will see that this is a scam?

  48. Got my three bottles of pills delivered today after three years and also giving it up as a bad case.
    I’m now scared trying it.

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