How to be Simply Slim

How to be Simply Slim

weight-loss-measureSlimming does not have to be an effort that requires rigid diets and hours of sweating it out in the gymnasium.  In fact, done correctly, slimming can be fun and effortless.

In order to become slim all you need to really do is to manipulate the weight loss formula of calories in less calories or fat burnt equals total weight gained or lost.

I know I am making it sound a lot easier than it really is but if you follow some of the easy slimming guidelines below, you may soon realise that it can be so simple to be slim.

Slimming the simple way.

Below are a couple of easy to follow tips on how to slim easily. The great part about these tips is that they are very easy to incorporate into your normal lifestyle and so once you have reached your ideal weight you will find that it is absolutely no effort to stay at your ideal weight.

1) Drink Lots of  Water.

Water is vitally essential to your weight and good health. While most may drink sufficient fluids, very few people drink enough water.  In some tests drinking sufficient water has been shown to increase weight loss results by as much as 25%.

Water not only distributes nourishment throught your body and brain, but is also responsible for flushing toxins out of your body. Toxins in your body cause your system to become sluggish and as a result of an increase in toxins you will experience weight gain, sluggishness and an increase in the possibility of serious disease.

Drink one glass of water each hour of the day to ensure that your system is sufficiently hydrated. Do not substitute the water for coffee, alcohol, Coca Cola etc. However do take time to have a good cup of coffee in the morning. The caffeine in the coffee helps to jumpstart your metabolism for the day.

2) Eat regular meals.

It is not as much what you eat but rather how you eat that counts. Your body relies on food that you eat for it’s energy requirements. Your metabolism (rate at which you burn calories/fat) is highly sophisticated and will make calculations based on the next expected supply of food.

When you eat haphazardly and tend to skip meals your metabolism becomes unsure of when it will get it’s next supply of food and as a result it will slow your calorie burning rate and rather store calories for emergency reserves  in the form of body fat.  Asa result you will have less energy and will gain weight faster.

Eating at regular times allows your metabolism to adjust to regular food supplies and so it no longer needs to keep fat reserves for just in case. Your metabolism increases and you experience increased energy levels and weight loss as a result of the no longer needed fat reserves being burnt.

Ideally you should plan for 3 main meals and 3 healthy snacks each day. The planned snacks help to prevent hunger pangs in between meals and prevent you from needing to snack on high calorie junk foods.

3) Increase physical activity.

Exercise for weight loss is possibly one of the most misunderstood of all the weight loss factors. It is not necessary to run out and join your local gym every time that you want to lose weight!

Calorie consumption is cumulative through the day and so by merely increasing your normal physical activities through the day you will be increasing your total calories burnt.

Do small extra physical activities such as parking your car a little further away than usual making yourself walk just that little further. Use the steps instead of the escalator. Take a walk through your shopping centre. There are hundreds of ways to increase your physical activity without joining your local gym.

4) Eat Healthy foods.

A known fact in the dieting world is that wherever the big American fast food chains set up in the world obesity follows. These foods may be fast, convenient and easy but they are far from healthy.  Avoid them as much as possible rather opting for a good home cooked meal.

Do not try to exclude any particular food group like carbohydrates from your diet. Each food group has a distinct purpose. Rather balance your meals trying to increase vegetable consumption and reduce fat consumption. Fat turns to fat so the less animal that you eat the more likely you are to remain slim.

By following the easy to implement tips above you will soon be simply slim.

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