Exercise to Lose Weight

I am frequently asked whether it is necessary to exercise to lose weight.

Exercise to lose weight
Exercise to lose weight

My initial response is always that you do not need to exercise to lose weight as weight loss is merely balancing your calories so that your calories consumed are lower than your calories burnt and therefore your body is forced to draw on calorie reserves of fat to meet it’s energy requirements.

However, it is always wise to incorporate some sort of exercise into your daily routine to keep your muscles toned and for you to look great. You do need to take into account that the main reason that you are wanting to lose weight is to look better and feel healthier.

If you lose weight and start to look like a Sharpei puppy with loose skin hanging around you then you will probably look and feel worse than you did before losing weight.

Why exercise is so important

Exercise in a weight loss program serves more than just one purpose. While most will agree that exercise increases your calorie burn off and thereby causes weight loss, this is really not the most important role that exercise plays in your weight loss routine. New cell formation uses a tremendous amount of energy.

Should you take part in some serious bodybuilding you may want to consider using some legal steroids to boost your performance.

New cell formation occurs when you start to tone up muscle and build new muscle as a result of exercise. When your body starts to produce new cells it starts to burn calories off at an increased rate. In order to cater for this extra energy consumption your body automatically increases your metabolism and so you start to burn more calories and have more energy even when you are not exercising.

I was recently having a good look at the builds of people around me. It was interesting to note that most who had arms that indicated that they were no stranger to hard work also had lovely flat stomachs and shapely legs. This was true for both men and women that I noticed.

How to increase daily exercise

Increasing your daily exercise is not necessary a matter of going out and joining a gym or hiring a personal fitness trainer.

It is quite possible that just by changing one or two small habits you could also effect tremendous changes on your figure and improve your overall health at the same time.

1) Housework

Small tasks such as sweeping the floor and washing the floor are a great start. Instead of leaving everything to the maid to do why not sweep the floor before the maid arrives. Delicate clothing items such as lingerie should preferrably be hand washed. Start to do these small items by hand yourself.

2) Walking

While taking long walks is often out of the question in S.A due to both time and security constraints you can increase the distance that you walk each day simply by some small habit changes. – Park in the car park furtherest from the point that you wish to go to.- Use the steps instead of the escalator or lift.- Walk through all the aisles in the shop instead of just going to the ones that you need items from – who knows you may even find some interesting stuff that you did not know the shop even stocked.

Exercise and the calories burnt  are cumulative and so even if you are doing little bits of extra exercise throughout the day you will benefit from them.  You may not be able to fit in a solid hour of exercise into your routine but with a little imagination you could possibly fit in 10 x 6 minute periods of extra exercise that add up to one hours exercise.

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