Love handles

How to get rid of love handles

Love handles are those not so cute little rolls of fat that tend to stick out over the top of your trousers. I will leave it to your own imagination as to how the name love handles came about.

The development of these little rolls of fat on your hips or a small increase in your belly is usually the first indication of weight gain. Unfortunately if left unchecked the weight continues to increase.

Love Handles
Love Handles

How do you get rid of love handles?

Weight loss is unfortunately not targeted and so the minute that you begin to experience weight gain you should start to counteract and make an effort to get rid of the increase in weight.

By fighting weight gain right at the onset you will have a far better chance of succeeding in your weight loss and of getting rid of the love handles.

Exercises to get rid of love handles

Love handles are pouches of fat that sit on top of the muscles on the side of your body which are termed oblique’s.

Exercise will tone and improve oblique’s but unless there is some fat loss the oblique exercises will not remove the love handles themselves. In order to lose the love handles you should consider increased exercise in conjunction with reduced calories and a healthy lifestyle.

For those who are seeking a toned and cut look some great exercises for oblique’s can be found here.

For the average person who is not into heavy exercise and body building techniques I would suggest that you embark on a general weight loss program which will help to remove the fat pouches and love handles.

General weight loss approach to lose love handles

  • Increase Physical Activity – Calorie burning is cumulative and so whatever physical activity you do throughout the day will result in increased calorie burning. By simply increasing your physical activities by 10% or more you are already well on your way to increased weight loss and improved health.
  • Sensible Eating – I hate the word diet which is non sustainable deprivation of food. To lose weight forever it is better to start eating sensibly which is easily sustainable and which leads to increased weight loss and overall improvement in your health.
  • Use a Diet SupplementWith so many external factors causing increased weight gain it is advised that you use a little extra help with your weight loss.

External factors such as medications, hormones in food, Obesogens in containers leeching into your food, etc all add to your weight gain miseries. Using a diet pill often helps to counteract these aggravating circumstances and could make all the difference in your weight loss efforts.

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Take away food revolution

Take away foods or fast foods have taken over the world. International fast food outlets such as McDonald’s and Kentucky have flooded our own South Africa while we ourselves are contributing to the worlds fast food chains with the rapid expansion of Nando’s worldwide.

Although there are very few figures available in South Africa as to just how popular fast food outlets are, there have been some recent figures published in the UK. These figures reveal that Fast food popularity has increased incredibly to a degree that most families are regulars at their favorite fast food outlets.

One amazing piece of information revealed here is the 1 160 calories contained in one of the Burger King options. Take into account that you need to walk for a minute to burn off just 4 calories, with this whopper you have to walk for almost 3 hours just to burn the extra calories off.

Add a Coke or milkshake and side order of French Fries and you will be having to walk all day just to counteract the excess calories contained in the meal.

Take out food is usually high in calories. It is a known fact in the dieting industry that wherever in the world McDonald’s and the other American fast food chains decide to set up, obesity begins to follow thereafter.

Fortunately South Africa has a fairly healthy alternative in our very own fast food chain Nando’s. The chili found in Nando’s, when ordering the Peri Peri versions, is a natural metabolism booster which assists you to burn calories faster.

My biggest recommendation to you if you are trying to lose weight is to avoid take out foods as much as possible, but if you are in a situation where you have to get take outs then opt for the hottest peri peri meal you can at Nando’s.

Realistic Weight Loss

What is realistic weight loss – simple – it is weight loss than can realistically be achieved.

News Years Resolution

Lose weight and get to my ideal weight

Is my ideal weight actually achievable?

I have had to do a bit of soul searching over this new year period about my own weight. Lately (for the past 5 years) my weight has been fluctuating between 87kg and 89 kg where I would really love my weight to be at my ideal of 82Kg.

However, when I looked back to the period when I was last at my ideal weight I realised that since then my entire lifestyle has changed.

I used to be a physical sport competitor and was out practising for 3 to 4 hours a mininum of 4 times a week. A single 2 to 3 hour session could produce weight loss of up to 2kg.  When not practising or riding in competitions I led a pretty active life with a fair deal of physical activity involved.

Now, a couple of years later, I sit at a computer for most of the day – up to 16hours a day. I have almost nil physical activity.  I still eat the same amount of food and drink ten times more coffee. How can I ever expect to reach my ideal weight of 82kg’s.

Realistically with the help of some good diet pills I would be able to get down and maintain a weight of 85Kg’s but without a strict diet and increased exercise it will be impossible to reach a weight of 82kg again.

I think that this is a common problem that many people experience. We often set unrealistic ideals for our weight loss and get upset and even depressed when you are not able to achieve them. Setting a  realistic goal and adjusting the goal according to your circumstances could make a huge difference to the success of your weight loss efforts.

Happy dieting !!

Exercise to Lose Weight

I am frequently asked whether it is necessary to exercise to lose weight.

Exercise to lose weight
Exercise to lose weight

My initial response is always that you do not need to exercise to lose weight as weight loss is merely balancing your calories so that your calories consumed are lower than your calories burnt and therefore your body is forced to draw on calorie reserves of fat to meet it’s energy requirements.

However, it is always wise to incorporate some sort of exercise into your daily routine to keep your muscles toned and for you to look great. You do need to take into account that the main reason that you are wanting to lose weight is to look better and feel healthier.

If you lose weight and start to look like a Sharpei puppy with loose skin hanging around you then you will probably look and feel worse than you did before losing weight.

Why exercise is so important

Exercise in a weight loss program serves more than just one purpose. While most will agree that exercise increases your calorie burn off and thereby causes weight loss, this is really not the most important role that exercise plays in your weight loss routine. New cell formation uses a tremendous amount of energy.

Should you take part in some serious bodybuilding you may want to consider using some legal steroids to boost your performance.

New cell formation occurs when you start to tone up muscle and build new muscle as a result of exercise. When your body starts to produce new cells it starts to burn calories off at an increased rate. In order to cater for this extra energy consumption your body automatically increases your metabolism and so you start to burn more calories and have more energy even when you are not exercising.

I was recently having a good look at the builds of people around me. It was interesting to note that most who had arms that indicated that they were no stranger to hard work also had lovely flat stomachs and shapely legs. This was true for both men and women that I noticed.

How to increase daily exercise

Increasing your daily exercise is not necessary a matter of going out and joining a gym or hiring a personal fitness trainer.

It is quite possible that just by changing one or two small habits you could also effect tremendous changes on your figure and improve your overall health at the same time.

1) Housework

Small tasks such as sweeping the floor and washing the floor are a great start. Instead of leaving everything to the maid to do why not sweep the floor before the maid arrives. Delicate clothing items such as lingerie should preferrably be hand washed. Start to do these small items by hand yourself.

2) Walking

While taking long walks is often out of the question in S.A due to both time and security constraints you can increase the distance that you walk each day simply by some small habit changes. – Park in the car park furtherest from the point that you wish to go to.- Use the steps instead of the escalator or lift.- Walk through all the aisles in the shop instead of just going to the ones that you need items from – who knows you may even find some interesting stuff that you did not know the shop even stocked.

Exercise and the calories burnt  are cumulative and so even if you are doing little bits of extra exercise throughout the day you will benefit from them.  You may not be able to fit in a solid hour of exercise into your routine but with a little imagination you could possibly fit in 10 x 6 minute periods of extra exercise that add up to one hours exercise.

Best weight loss tip

I received a very important warning and a fantastic weight loss tip from one of the readers and so I decided to post this very important weight loss information for all to see.

Are you one of those people that seem to just be gaining weight no matter how hard you try to lose? Well this could be the reason why you have a problem.

This is the message I received.

New information on shampoos.

I just discovered this important info below – please share with all your friends. I don’t know why I did not figure this out sooner!!!

It’s the shampoo I use in the shower.

When I wash my hair the shampoo runs down my entire body and (DUH!). Printed very clearly on the shampoo bottle label is this very important warning –

“For Extra Volume and Body”.

No wonder I have been gaining weight!!

Well now I have got rid of that shampoo and am rather going to start to use “Fairy” dishwashing liquid instead. It’s label reads-

“Dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to Remove.”

Problem solved – If I am not replying to any emails it is because i am washing my hair and losing fat in the shower.

Diet pills

Will Diet Pills Make Me Lose Weight?

Diet pils to lose weight
Diet pills to lose weight

As an online weight loss expert I am frequently asked whether a particular diet pill will make a person lose weight and more specifically, “How much weight will I lose?”

I need to answer this question in all fairness and openly – “I don’t know!”

If I do not know you and your individual habits and have never seen you before in my life then I can not possibly answer such an open question.

What I can say is that diet pills are specifically designed to enhance weight loss and some people do lose massive amounts of weight by using them.

The role of a Diet Pill.

First I do need to mention that there are a variety of different categories of diet pills that are all designed for different purposes. Below are the main categories of diet pills and their roles in weight loss.

1) Appetite Suppressants – These are specifically formulated to reduce your appetite so that you are easily able to control your eating. The most popular natural appetite suppressant is Hoodia Gordonii which is fairly widely available in many forms on the South African market.

2) Fat Burners – These diet pills will help to increase the rate at which your body burns calories and fat. Invariably fat burners also reduce your appetite and so you will benefit from increased calorie burning and reduced calorie intake.

Fat burners are by far the most popular of all diet pills due to the massive weight loss that they are able to produce. However there have also been many controversial and dangerous fat burner products in the past which have produced some terrible side effects and which are now banned from over the counter sales.

Popular well known fat burners that have been banned in S.A include Phentermine, Duromine, Original Thinz, Original Simply Slim, Reductil and Nobese no1, just to mention a few.

Phen375 was developed as a legal alternative to these banned diet pills but it is currently also not available in South Africa.

3) Detox products – probably the most well known of all the products that fall into this category is the Acai Berry products. I personally do not recommend that you use detox weight loss products. As one Doctor said, “All that happens is that they produce a liquid stool that leads to soiled underwear and foul smells.”

By simply drinking sufficient water and eating fruit you could experience better detox results than most of these detox products produce.

4) Fat Binders – are products that reduce the percentage of fat absorbed by your body when eating. These pills are taken with water immediately after eating and the fibre content of these pills then attaches to fat molecules in the food you have just eaten. This makes the fat molecule too large to be absorbed through the intestine and as a result it is harmlessly eliminated as waste.

Although not available in South Africa, Proactol is possibly the most well known fat binder diet pill. Fat binders are only really suited to those who regularly eat fatty foods and who do not wish to change their diet.

The role of diet pills continued

Now that you understand the main categories of diet pills and their purposes, let us look at the main role that a diet pill plays in weight loss.

A diet pill is basically an aid to weight loss. It’s sole purpose is to make losing weight a lot easier by changing your appetite or increasing the rate at which your body burns fat. You do need to help the diet pill along a little by being careful in choosing what and how much you eat and by increasing your exercise a little.

If you sit watching T.V all day while eating crisps and drinking milk shakes then it does not matter what diet pill you use, the chances are that you will not look that great in sexy lingerie!

However if you do lead a fairly normal lifestyle and implement a few minor and non intrusive changes you do stand to lose a lot of weight when using a good diet pill.

For some great weight loss tips and advice read Be Simply Slim

How to be Simply Slim

How to be Simply Slim

weight-loss-measureSlimming does not have to be an effort that requires rigid diets and hours of sweating it out in the gymnasium.  In fact, done correctly, slimming can be fun and effortless.

In order to become slim all you need to really do is to manipulate the weight loss formula of calories in less calories or fat burnt equals total weight gained or lost.

I know I am making it sound a lot easier than it really is but if you follow some of the easy slimming guidelines below, you may soon realise that it can be so simple to be slim.

Slimming the simple way.

Below are a couple of easy to follow tips on how to slim easily. The great part about these tips is that they are very easy to incorporate into your normal lifestyle and so once you have reached your ideal weight you will find that it is absolutely no effort to stay at your ideal weight.

1) Drink Lots of  Water.

Water is vitally essential to your weight and good health. While most may drink sufficient fluids, very few people drink enough water.  In some tests drinking sufficient water has been shown to increase weight loss results by as much as 25%.

Water not only distributes nourishment throught your body and brain, but is also responsible for flushing toxins out of your body. Toxins in your body cause your system to become sluggish and as a result of an increase in toxins you will experience weight gain, sluggishness and an increase in the possibility of serious disease.

Drink one glass of water each hour of the day to ensure that your system is sufficiently hydrated. Do not substitute the water for coffee, alcohol, Coca Cola etc. However do take time to have a good cup of coffee in the morning. The caffeine in the coffee helps to jumpstart your metabolism for the day.

2) Eat regular meals.

It is not as much what you eat but rather how you eat that counts. Your body relies on food that you eat for it’s energy requirements. Your metabolism (rate at which you burn calories/fat) is highly sophisticated and will make calculations based on the next expected supply of food.

When you eat haphazardly and tend to skip meals your metabolism becomes unsure of when it will get it’s next supply of food and as a result it will slow your calorie burning rate and rather store calories for emergency reserves  in the form of body fat.  Asa result you will have less energy and will gain weight faster.

Eating at regular times allows your metabolism to adjust to regular food supplies and so it no longer needs to keep fat reserves for just in case. Your metabolism increases and you experience increased energy levels and weight loss as a result of the no longer needed fat reserves being burnt.

Ideally you should plan for 3 main meals and 3 healthy snacks each day. The planned snacks help to prevent hunger pangs in between meals and prevent you from needing to snack on high calorie junk foods.

3) Increase physical activity.

Exercise for weight loss is possibly one of the most misunderstood of all the weight loss factors. It is not necessary to run out and join your local gym every time that you want to lose weight!

Calorie consumption is cumulative through the day and so by merely increasing your normal physical activities through the day you will be increasing your total calories burnt.

Do small extra physical activities such as parking your car a little further away than usual making yourself walk just that little further. Use the steps instead of the escalator. Take a walk through your shopping centre. There are hundreds of ways to increase your physical activity without joining your local gym.

4) Eat Healthy foods.

A known fact in the dieting world is that wherever the big American fast food chains set up in the world obesity follows. These foods may be fast, convenient and easy but they are far from healthy.  Avoid them as much as possible rather opting for a good home cooked meal.

Do not try to exclude any particular food group like carbohydrates from your diet. Each food group has a distinct purpose. Rather balance your meals trying to increase vegetable consumption and reduce fat consumption. Fat turns to fat so the less animal that you eat the more likely you are to remain slim.

By following the easy to implement tips above you will soon be simply slim.