The Phen375 Scam

Is Phen375 a scam in South Africa – Yes – No – Maybe – Not sure!

Phen375 is a diet pill which comes from the USA. There are literally thousands of very positive reviews about Phen375 which all show that Phen375 is possibly one of the strongest fat burners on the market which is available without a prescription.

Phen375 has undergone some changes.

In order to comply with regulations and make it less likely for orders to be confiscated at customs around the world Phen375 has recently undergone some formulation changes.

There have also been many instances of people buying counterfeit products from sites such as Ebay. These products are labelled Phen375original etc and are nothing more than a cheap scam. If the label says anything more than just Phen375 it is likely to be a cloned product.

Closer to home there are certain individuals that are selling a product which is supposedly Phen375. This is a fake and I urge you to only buy direct from the official website – link at the bottom of page.

Phen375 currently has 2 different formulations – one for the USA only where it seems that authorities are more lax on certain ingredients, and one for the EU and other countries. Regardless of these formulation changes, Phen375 is committed to providing a weight loss solution that is successful and which will assist you in achieving your weight loss goals.

The new weight loss testimonials that are being published on the Phen375 seem to confirm that the new formulation is very successful.

Only purchase Phen375 from the official website.

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Is Nuvoryn a scam?

Nuvoryn Diet pills have featured as a paid advert in every single google search that I conducted to do with weight loss. The website that the ad takes you through to is www dot and is a really great looking website with some amazing testimonials from people who claim to have lost lots of weight.

In the top right of the website is a contact number with the familiar Cape Town prefix of 021 and when you go to the order page of the website it lists all the prices in South African Rands.

Has to be a legitimate South African website right – Absolutely Wrong.

There is nothing South African about the website.

  • The contact number redirects to a call centre in India!
  • The website is registered in France
  • The diet pills are shipped from the UK

Nuvoryn Banned in South Africa

The big scam part of Nuvoryn is that Nuvoryn diet pills contain an ingredient “Damiana” which is in fact a banned substance in South Africa.  Medications containing Damiana may not be produced or imported to South Africa and any attempt to import will result in the product being destroyed by customs.

So now you have seen the very impressive website and have placed and paid for your order via credit card. You are checking your post daily waiting for your parcel to be posted to you from supposedly Cape Town and instead you receive a note from customs advising you that the goods you were trying to import have been destroyed due to them containing a banned substance.

In fact there is also a law in South Africa which prevents South African residents from importing any form of medication without first obtaining an import permit from the Medicines Control Council (MCC). While the customs is sometimes lenient in this regard, even if Nuvoryn did not contain a banned substance you would still stand a chance of having your order confiscated by customs.


The World Wide Web can sometimes be confusing to surfers who can easily be misled and conned by unscrupulous marketers such as in the case of Nuvoryn South Africa.

It is wise that prior to ordering any product online that you first make sufficient enquiries and satisfy yourself totally that you are dealing with a local reputable company and not a scam.

Is Phen375 a scam





Sibutrex contains Sibutramine

Sibutrex in South Africa

Sibutrex contains Sibutramine

I have recently encountered numerous adverts online from people who are selling Sibutrex 15mg tablets in online classifieds such as Gumtree.

Sibutrex 15 is a slimming tablet that contains 15mg of Sibutramine – a substance now banned in South Africa. Sibutramine is the exact same substance that was originally found in the imported Simply Slim product that was subsequently removed from the shelves due to the numerous negative side effects that may be caused as a results of the use of Sibutramine.

A word of warning to any potential customers is that Sibutrex is banned in South Africa and those who are importing and selling Sibutrex  are doing so illegally.

Best Alternatives to Sibutrex

If you are looking for good weight loss results then there are many legally available fat burners in South Africa that will produce excellent weight loss results without the negative side effects that you could encounter when using a banned product such as Sibutrex.

Phen375  is a product that is both safe and which produces incredible results. Phen375 is distributed from the USA and is available safely and legally without a doctors prescription. There are no known serious side effects.

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Diet pills

Will Diet Pills Make Me Lose Weight?

Diet pils to lose weight
Diet pills to lose weight

As an online weight loss expert I am frequently asked whether a particular diet pill will make a person lose weight and more specifically, “How much weight will I lose?”

I need to answer this question in all fairness and openly – “I don’t know!”

If I do not know you and your individual habits and have never seen you before in my life then I can not possibly answer such an open question.

What I can say is that diet pills are specifically designed to enhance weight loss and some people do lose massive amounts of weight by using them.

The role of a Diet Pill.

First I do need to mention that there are a variety of different categories of diet pills that are all designed for different purposes. Below are the main categories of diet pills and their roles in weight loss.

1) Appetite Suppressants – These are specifically formulated to reduce your appetite so that you are easily able to control your eating. The most popular natural appetite suppressant is Hoodia Gordonii which is fairly widely available in many forms on the South African market.

2) Fat Burners – These diet pills will help to increase the rate at which your body burns calories and fat. Invariably fat burners also reduce your appetite and so you will benefit from increased calorie burning and reduced calorie intake.

Fat burners are by far the most popular of all diet pills due to the massive weight loss that they are able to produce. However there have also been many controversial and dangerous fat burner products in the past which have produced some terrible side effects and which are now banned from over the counter sales.

Popular well known fat burners that have been banned in S.A include Phentermine, Duromine, Original Thinz, Original Simply Slim, Reductil and Nobese no1, just to mention a few.

Phen375 was developed as a legal alternative to these banned diet pills but it is currently also not available in South Africa.

3) Detox products – probably the most well known of all the products that fall into this category is the Acai Berry products. I personally do not recommend that you use detox weight loss products. As one Doctor said, “All that happens is that they produce a liquid stool that leads to soiled underwear and foul smells.”

By simply drinking sufficient water and eating fruit you could experience better detox results than most of these detox products produce.

4) Fat Binders – are products that reduce the percentage of fat absorbed by your body when eating. These pills are taken with water immediately after eating and the fibre content of these pills then attaches to fat molecules in the food you have just eaten. This makes the fat molecule too large to be absorbed through the intestine and as a result it is harmlessly eliminated as waste.

Although not available in South Africa, Proactol is possibly the most well known fat binder diet pill. Fat binders are only really suited to those who regularly eat fatty foods and who do not wish to change their diet.

The role of diet pills continued

Now that you understand the main categories of diet pills and their purposes, let us look at the main role that a diet pill plays in weight loss.

A diet pill is basically an aid to weight loss. It’s sole purpose is to make losing weight a lot easier by changing your appetite or increasing the rate at which your body burns fat. You do need to help the diet pill along a little by being careful in choosing what and how much you eat and by increasing your exercise a little.

If you sit watching T.V all day while eating crisps and drinking milk shakes then it does not matter what diet pill you use, the chances are that you will not look that great in sexy lingerie!

However if you do lead a fairly normal lifestyle and implement a few minor and non intrusive changes you do stand to lose a lot of weight when using a good diet pill.

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