75% of South Africans unhappy with their weight

A recent survey conducted by News24 has revealed that a large majority of South Africans are totally unhappy with their weight.The poll revealed that only 25% of the respondents were actually comfortable with their figure. A further 14 % were occasionally satisfied with their weight while the balance of 61% revealed that they would like to either lose or gain some weight.

News 24 survey results
News 24 Survey

It is very seldom that I have ever encountered any woman, no matter how small she is, that would not like to lose some extra weight. In most cases it is always a case of “I would just like to lose another 2 kg’s”. Funny enough no matter how much they lose they still always want to lose that little bit extra.

In order to help you with some extra weight loss here are some great slimming tips:-

  • Coffee. Start your day with a nice cup of strong coffee – preferably black and without sugar. The quick burst of caffeine gets your metabolism jump started for the day.
  • Drink a glass of water each hour and 1 glass immediately before eating. Water flushes toxins from your body and helps to distribute correct nourishment through your body. Drinking sufficient water increases weight loss by up to 25%. The glass immediately before a meal helps to fill your tummy and reduce appetite so that you eat less.
  •  Increase physical activity – Burn off some  calories by increasing your normal daily routines – housework, walking, swimming, anything physical will help burn extra fat.
  • Portion size – by reducing the size of the plate that you eat off you will automatically reduce your portion size. What you eat is not nearly as important as how much you eat. Never eat until you are full!
  • No eating late – Try to not eat after 6.00 pm . Allow sufficient time before going to sleep for your food to digest properly.
  • Chilli – This is an incredible fat burner that works well. Chilli increases your metabolism and improves the rate at which your body burns off calories. There are so many
    health advantages to chilli that you really cannot afford to diet without it.
  • Regular colon – keep your bowel movements regular. The longer food is stored in your colon the more calories and fats that are absorbed into your body. Try eating some fresh citrus fruit on an empty stomach to improve bowel function.

It always helps to cheat a little so getting some help from a quality fat burner diet such as Phen375 will assist you to achieve your weight loss goals far quicker and easier.

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