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How to be Simply Slim

How to be Simply Slim

weight-loss-measureSlimming does not have to be an effort that requires rigid diets and hours of sweating it out in the gymnasium.  In fact, done correctly, slimming can be fun and effortless.

In order to become slim all you need to really do is to manipulate the weight loss formula of calories in less calories or fat burnt equals total weight gained or lost.

I know I am making it sound a lot easier than it really is but if you follow some of the easy slimming guidelines below, you may soon realise that it can be so simple to be slim.

Slimming the simple way.

Below are a couple of easy to follow tips on how to slim easily. The great part about these tips is that they are very easy to incorporate into your normal lifestyle and so once you have reached your ideal weight you will find that it is absolutely no effort to stay at your ideal weight.

1) Drink Lots of  Water.

Water is vitally essential to your weight and good health. While most may drink sufficient fluids, very few people drink enough water.  In some tests drinking sufficient water has been shown to increase weight loss results by as much as 25%.

Water not only distributes nourishment throught your body and brain, but is also responsible for flushing toxins out of your body. Toxins in your body cause your system to become sluggish and as a result of an increase in toxins you will experience weight gain, sluggishness and an increase in the possibility of serious disease.

Drink one glass of water each hour of the day to ensure that your system is sufficiently hydrated. Do not substitute the water for coffee, alcohol, Coca Cola etc. However do take time to have a good cup of coffee in the morning. The caffeine in the coffee helps to jumpstart your metabolism for the day.

2) Eat regular meals.

It is not as much what you eat but rather how you eat that counts. Your body relies on food that you eat for it’s energy requirements. Your metabolism (rate at which you burn calories/fat) is highly sophisticated and will make calculations based on the next expected supply of food.

When you eat haphazardly and tend to skip meals your metabolism becomes unsure of when it will get it’s next supply of food and as a result it will slow your calorie burning rate and rather store calories for emergency reserves  in the form of body fat.  Asa result you will have less energy and will gain weight faster.

Eating at regular times allows your metabolism to adjust to regular food supplies and so it no longer needs to keep fat reserves for just in case. Your metabolism increases and you experience increased energy levels and weight loss as a result of the no longer needed fat reserves being burnt.

Ideally you should plan for 3 main meals and 3 healthy snacks each day. The planned snacks help to prevent hunger pangs in between meals and prevent you from needing to snack on high calorie junk foods.

3) Increase physical activity.

Exercise for weight loss is possibly one of the most misunderstood of all the weight loss factors. It is not necessary to run out and join your local gym every time that you want to lose weight!

Calorie consumption is cumulative through the day and so by merely increasing your normal physical activities through the day you will be increasing your toatl calories burnt.

Do small extra physical activities such as parking your car a little further away than usual making yourself walk just that little further. Use the steps instead of the escalator. Take a walk through your shopping centre. There are hundreds of ways to increase your physical activity without joining your local gym.

4) Eat Healthy foods.

A known fact in the dieting world is that wherever the big American fast food chains set up in the world obesity follows. These foods may be fast, convenient and easy but they are far from healthy.  Avoid them as much as possible rather opting for a good home cooked meal.

Do not try to exclude any particular food group like carbohydrates from your diet. Each food group has a distinct purpose. Rather balance your meals trying to increase vegetable consumption and reduce fat consumption. Fat turns to fat so the less animal that you eat the more likely you are to remain slim.

By following the easy to implement tips above you will soon be simply slim.

75% of South Africans unhappy with their weight

A recent survey conducted by News24 has revealed that a large majority of South Africans are totally unhappy with their weight.The poll revealed that only 25% of the respondents were actually comfortable with their figure. A further 14 % were occasionally satisfied with their weight while the balance of 61% revealed that they would like to either lose or gain some weight.

News 24 survey results

News 24 Survey

It is very seldom that I have ever encountered any woman, no matter how small she is, that would not like to lose some extra weight. In most cases it is always a case of “I would just like to lose another 2 kg’s”. Funny enough no matter how much they lose they still always want to lose that little bit extra.

In order to help you with some extra weight loss here are some great slimming tips:-

  • Coffee. Start your day with a nice cup of strong coffee – preferably black and without sugar. The quick burst of caffeine gets your metabolism jump started for the day.
  • Drink a glass of water each hour and 1 glass immediately before eating. Water flushes toxins from your body and helps to distribute correct nourishment through your body. Drinking sufficient water increases weight loss by up to 25%. The glass immediately before a meal helps to fill your tummy and reduce appetite so that you eat less.
  •  Increase physical activity – Burn off some  calories by increasing your normal daily routines – housework, walking, swimming, anything physical will help burn extra fat.
  • Portion size – by reducing the size of the plate that you eat off you will automatically reduce your portion size. What you eat is not nearly as important as how much you eat. Never eat until you are full!
  • No eating late – Try to not eat after 6.00 pm . Allow sufficient time before going to sleep for your food to digest properly.
  • Chilli – This is an incredible fat burner that works well. Chilli increases your metabolism and improves the rate at which your body burns off calories. There are so many
    health advantages to chilli that you really cannot afford to diet without it.
  • Regular colon – keep your bowel movements regular. The longer food is stored in your colon the more calories and fats that are absorbed into your body. Try eating some fresh citrus fruit on an empty stomach to improve bowel function.


Two Thirds of Women are Overweight

Love Handles

Love Handles

A report by the Centre of Metabolic Medicine and Surgery has revealed that as many as 66% of women in South Africa are overweight and 28% can be considered to be morbidly obese.

The figure in South African men is considerably lower with only 33% of men considered to be overweight and just 10% considered to be obese.

According to Graham Anderson of the Profmed Medical Scheme, 78% of obese and 52% of morbidly obese people in South Africa consider themselves to be healthy.

These figures are cause for concern as obesity leads to other serious illnesses which are associated with more than 2.5 million deaths a year worldwide.

Obesity related health problems include :-

  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Strokes
  • Heart Diseases
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Depression
  • Sleep problems

One of the biggest problems facing our society and the world is that, unlike 30 years ago, being overweight is becoming widely accepted and is even considered to be perfectly acceptable.

Obesity in China

Our South African figures are a stark contrast to those that are available for China. Although there is major concern over the effect of popular American fast food outlets on the weight of the nation, obesity still sits at just 5%.

The biggest concern in the cities of China where obesity has become more evident is that especially the young people are forsaking their traditional foods and drinks of green tea in favor of the western fast foods such as KFC and McDonald’s and of course Coca-Cola.

Is Green Tea the Key to China’s low obesity rate?

For centuries the Chinese have drunk green tea as their beverage of choice.  Research has indicated that green tea is able to boost your metabolism by as much as 4% and therefore increase your fat burning. Drinking 3 to 5 cups a day of green tea not only helps with your weight control but also produces a whole host of other health benefits such as reduced cholesterol, anti aging, improved cardio function etc.

In my frequent trips to China I personally noticed the change in the youth of China as they slowly began to forsake their traditional foods and tea’s and replaced them with the western fast foods and coca-cola.

In 1999 I was impressed at just how thin and young looking the youth were and just how clear their complexions were. 18 Year old girls appeared to me as though they were not even in their teens yet.  Men and women in their late sixties appeared to be no older than fifty.

By 2011 this had changed in the youth. The young people were now looking the same age as their western counterparts. Clear complexions had been replaced with acne and in general the teenagers were showing signs of being overweight.

My Experiment with Green Tea.

Reflecting on these changes in the Chinese and the increasing research on the weight loss benefits of green tea I decided to see if my theory on green tea was correct. I began to drink between 3 and 5 cups of a quality loose leaf green tea and monitored my weight.

Within a period of just 1 month I found that not only did I feel so much more healthy but my weight had also dropped by an incredible 4.5 kg’s. This is amazing since I did not increase my exercise or change my diet apart from replacing some of my usual coffee with green tea instead.

Perhaps Green Tea could supply the solution to the worlds obesity problem.


The Phen375 Scam

Is Phen375 a scam in South Africa – Yes – No – Maybe – Not sure!

Phen375 is a diet pill which comes from the USA. There are literally thousands of very positive reviews about Phen375 which all show that Phen375 is possibly one of the strongest diet pills on the market which is available without a prescription.

Phen375 has undergone some changes.

In order to comply with regulations and make it less likely for orders to be confiscated at customs around the world Phen375 has recently undergone some formulation changes.

There have also been many instances of people buying counterfeit products from sites such as Ebay. These products are labelled Phen375original etc and are nothing more than a cheap scam. If the label says anything more than just Phen375 it is likely to be a cloned product.

The main ingredient in the original Phen375 formulation, 1,3dimethylamylamine, is restricted in certain countries and is also on the Olympic games banned list. Phen375 has now replaced this with Citrus Aurantium (bitter orange). Citrus Aurantium contains a substance called Synephrine which is similar in action to Ephedra.

While I have not yet tested the new formulation personally I do know that diet products containing Citrus Aurantium tend to produce excellent results. The original Simply Slim product  as well as many other well known diet pills all contained Citrus Aurantium as their main active ingredient.

The new weight loss testimonials that are being published on the Phen375 seem to confirm that the new formulation is very successful.

More information on Phen375 can be found here.

Take away food revolution

Take away foods or fast foods have taken over the world. International fast food outlets such as McDonald’s and Kentucky have flooded our own South Africa while we ourselves are contributing to the worlds fast food chains with the rapid expansion of Nando’s worldwide.

Although there are very few figures available in South Africa as to just how popular fast food outlets are, there have been some recent figures published in the UK.  Have a look below to see just how popular fast food outlets have become. Please bear in mind that the UK has a population just slightly higher than S.A and fast foods are relatively more expensive there.

Some recently published facts on fast food sales in the UK

No wonder people are getting fat!

One amazing piece of information revealed her is the 1 160 calories contained in one of the Burger King options. Take into account that you need to walk for a minute to burn off just 4 calories, with this whopper you have to walk for almost 3 hours just to burn the extra calories off.

Add a Coke or milkshake and side order of French Fries and you will be having to walk all day just to counteract the excess calories contained in the meal.

Take out food is usually high in calories. It is a known fact in the dieting industry that wherever in the world McDonald’s and the other American fast food chains decide to set up, obesity begins to follow thereafter.

Fortunately South Africa has a fairly healthy alternative in our very own fast food chain Nando’s. The chili found in Nando’s, when ordering the Peri Peri versions, is a natural metabolism booster which assists you to burn calories faster.

My biggest recommendation to you if you are trying to lose weight is to avoid take out foods as much as possible, but if you are in a situation where you have to get take outs then opt for the hottest peri peri meal you can at Nando’s.

Realistic Weight Loss

What is realistic weight loss – simple – it is weight loss than can realistically be achieved.

News Years Resolution

Lose weight and get to my ideal weight

Is my ideal weight actually achievable?

I have had to do a bit of soul searching over this new year period about my own weight. Lately (for the past 5 years) my weight has been fluctuating between 87kg and 89 kg where I would really love my weight to be at my ideal of 82Kg.

However, when I looked back to the period when I was last at my ideal weight I realised that since then my entire lifestyle has changed.

I used to be a physical sport competitor and was out practising for 3 to 4 hours a mininum of 4 times a week. A single 2 to 3 hour session could produce weight loss of up to 2kg.  When not practising or riding in competitions I led a pretty active life with a fair deal of physical activity involved.

Now, a couple of years later, I sit at a computer for most of the day – up to 16hours a day. I have almost nil physical activity.  I still eat the same amount of food and drink ten times more coffee. How can I ever expect to reach my ideal weight of 82kg’s.

Realistically with the help of diet pills I would be able to get down and maintain a weight of 85Kg’s but without a strict diet and increased exercise it will be impossible to reach a weight of 82kg again.

I think that this is a common problem that many people experience. We often set unrealistic ideals for our weight loss and get upset and even depressed when you are not able to achieve them. Setting a  realistic goal and adjusting the goal according to your circumstances could make a huge difference to the success of your weight loss efforts.

Happy dieting 2012!!


Is Nuvoryn a scam?

Nuvoryn Diet pills have featured as a paid advert in every single google search that I conducted to do with weight loss. The website that the ad takes you through to is www dot nuvoryn.co.za and is a really great looking website with some amazing testimonials from people who claim to have lost lots of weight.

In the top right of the website is a contact number with the familiar Cape Town prefix of 021 and when you go to the order page of the website it lists all the prices in South African Rands.

Has to be a legitimate South African website right – Absolutely Wrong.

There is nothing South African about the Nuvoryn.co.za website.

  • The contact number redirects to a call centre in India!
  • The website is registered in France
  • The diet pills are shipped from the UK

Nuvoryn Banned in South Africa

The big scam part of Nuvoryn is that Nuvoryn diet pills contain an ingredient “Damiana” which is in fact a banned substance in South Africa.  Medications containing Damiana may not be produced or imported to South Africa and any attempt to import will result in the product being destroyed by customs.

So now you have seen the very impressive Nuvoryn.co.za website and have placed and paid for your order via credit card. You are checking your post daily waiting for your parcel to be posted to you from supposedly Cape Town and instead you receive a note from customs advising you that the goods you were trying to import have been destroyed due to them containing a banned substance.

In fact there is also a law in South Africa which prevents South African residents from importing any form of medication without first obtaining an import permit from the Medicines Control Council (MCC). While the customs is sometimes lenient in this regard, even if Nuvoryn did not contain a banned substance you would still stand a chance of having your order confiscated by customs.


The World Wide Web can sometimes be confusing to surfers who can easily be misled and conned by unscrupulous marketers such as in the case of Nuvoryn South Africa.

It is wise that prior to ordering any product online that you first make sufficient enquiries and satisfy yourself totally that you are dealing with a local reputable company and not a scam.





Exercise to Lose Weight

I am frequently asked whether it is necessary to exercise to lose weight.

Exercise to lose weight

Exercise to lose weight

My initial response is always that you do not need to exercise to lose weight as weight loss is merely balancing your calories so that your calories consumed are lower than your calories burnt and therefore your body is forced to draw on calorie reserves of fat to meet it’s energy requirements. However, it is always wise to incorporate some sort of exercise into your daily routine to keep your muscles toned and for you to look great. You do need to take into account that the main reason that you are wanting to lose weight is to look better and feel healthier. If you lose weight and start to look like a Sharpei puppy with loose skin hanging around you then you will probably look and feel worse than you did before losing weight.

Why exercise is so important

Exercise in a weight loss program serves more than just one purpose. While most will agree that exercise increases your calorie burn off and thereby causes weight loss, this is really not the most important role that exercise plays in your weight loss routine. New cell formation uses a tremendous amount of energy. New cell formation occurs when you start to tone up muscle and build new muscle as a result of exercise. When your body starts to produce new cells it starts to burn calories off at an increased rate. In order to cater for this extra energy consumption your body automatically increases your metabolism and so you start to burn more calories and have more energy even when you are not exercising. I was recently having a good look at the builds of people around me. It was interesting to note that most who had arms that indicated that they were no stranger to hard work also had lovely flat stomachs and shapely legs. This was true for both men and women that I noticed.

How to increase daily exercise

Increasing your daily exercise is not necessary a matter of going out and joining a gym or hiring a personal fitness trainer. It is quite possible that just by changing one or two small habits you could also effect tremendous changes on your figure and improve your overall health at the same time. 1) Housework Small tasks such as sweeping the floor and washing the floor are a great start. Instead of leaving everything to the maid to do why not sweep the floor before the maid arrives. Delicate clothing items such as lingerie should preferrably be hand washed. Start to do these small items by hand yourself. 2) Walking While taking long walks is often out of the question in S.A due to both time and security constraints you can increase the distance that you walk each day simply by some small habit changes. – Park in the car park furtherest from the point that you wish to go to.- Use the steps instead of the escalator or lift.- Walk through all the aisles in the shop instead of just going to the ones that you need items from – who knows you may even find some interesting stuff that you did not know the shop even stocked. Exercise and the calories burnt  are cumulative and so even if you are doing little bits of extra exercise throughout the day you will benefit from them.  You may not be able to fit in a solid hour of exercise into your routine but with a little imagination you could possibly fit in 10 x 6 minute periods of extra exercise that add up to one hours exercise.

Obesity in South Africa

Obese Man

Obese Man

Personally I would estimate that a far higher percentage of South Africans are overweight and as time passes I am noticing an alarming amount of young children who are becoming obese. Sure, we have always had some “fatty” children running around but I am not talking about just slightly overweight kids, I am talking about children who are sometimes pre-school and who are morbidly obese.

What is causing the trend in obesity?

While there are a million factors contributing to obesity in S.A and the rest of the world there are some factors that are easier to control than others.

1) Fast Foods

It is a well known fact that wherever the popular American fast food outlets appear in the world then obesity seems to follow. These fast food chains have popularised unhealthy eating and have provided a simple solution to the housewives problem of providing food to the family. Children are a major part of the new trend towards fast foods and as a result the unscrupulous marketing of these unhealthy foods is often targetted at children. Where the children wish to go the parents follow. Kiddie meals supplemented with a “cool” toy that every kid must collect ensures that these families return on a regular basis. Dr Van Der Merwe has gone as far as to suggest that the government should impose a tax on unhealthy fast foods similar to the “Sin Tax” imposed on cigarettes and alcohol.

2) Soft Drinks

Water has become so uncool! Why drink water or some other healthy beverage when you can drink a refreshing sugar laden soft drink.  Of course these high sugar refreshments are often supplemented with caffeine so as to cause the user to return regularly for a top up of caffeine. One 500ml popular brand soft drink was found to contain almost half of the recommended daily allowance of calories. Walking around popular supermarkets and observing the trolleys of shoppers all containing multiple 2 litre bottles of soft drinks indicate just how badly South Africans have become hooked on Soft Drinks.

3) Lack of exercise

Although I commonly state that you do not need a major exercise programme to lose weight, you do need some sort of exercise, such as walking, in order to burn off calories.

South Africa is plagued by a very high crime rate and as a result in many circumstances it is no longer safe to walk around. Suitable public transport is a problem that further aggravates the situation.  Children are collected directly from school. It is often preferred that they rather safely watch T.V or play computer games instead of running around outdoors with friends. Adults often have private cars and drive directly to where they wish to go. There is no excess walking such as encountered when using a public transport system. In short most South Africans very seldom partake in any form of day to day exercise and this is a major contributor to the overweight state of the nation.


The fight against obesity will involve a massive change of lifestyle in South Africa which could well be nearly impossible to achieve. Taxes imposed upon fast food outlets and other accompanying legislation which forces fast food outlets to indicate calorie content of meals provided, may help to control the problem slightly but it is still merely a pin-prick in the ocean. Legislation to control the sale of popular soft drinks will never happen as these companies provide valuable tax revenue to the government. The streets are unsafe and there is no adequate public transport system available and as a result most familes will continue to lack adequate daily exercise. Unfortunately is does seem that obesity problem in South Africa is going to continue to grow out of control as it has done in countries such as the USA.

My husband doesn’t love me anymore

No Love

No Love Anymore

Although it is a hard bullet to swallow, my usual reply is “What has changed?” If your husband found you attractive enough and he loved you enough to marry you in the first place then what has changed over the years in order to now make him fall out of love with you or not be attracted to you now! In more than 90% of the incidences, after some severe soul searching, the eventual answer is usually “ME!”

Biggest Problem No 1 – Physical Attraction.

One particular case I will always remember is a husband and wife that I was counselling. They were going through a very bad time in their marriage. The wife was rightfully accusing the husband that he no longer showed any sexual interest in her and that he was very seldom ever loveable anymore. Without pulling any punches, the husband replied “I am sorry but I can not be attracted to you anymore. When we married you were thin and sexy and now you have become a fat slob.” Unfortunately, although the wife was a very nice person and had a great nature, she had piled on the pounds and hardly could be described as a bikini model. The wife refused to accept that in order for her husband to be physically attracted to her that she would need to lose weight. She insisted that her husband had to be attracted to her as a person and not due to her looks. Unfortunately the husband soon ended up having affairs and divorce was the final solution to their problems.  When you get married your body no longer belongs to you but belongs to your partner. It is your responsibility to ensure that your body remains attractive and desirable to your partner. Do watch your weight and do not allow your weight to pick up to a stage where your partner is no longer able to be aroused by you.

Problem No 2 – Marriage is boring.

Marriages far too quickly and far too often turn into a boring affair – especially once the kids come along. Life becomes too fast and it is so easy to allow romance to fall away and for your life to fall into a rut of monotony. It is not long afterwards that the complaints start to come in – My Marriage is boring! In any marriage there are only two people responsible for creating excitement and romance – you and your partner! If your marriage has become dull and boring it is mostly because you and your partner have allowed it to become boring. Recently my wife and I decided to open an online Lingerie website where we sell sexy lingerie. Needless to say we have countless items of sexy lingerie lying around and my wife decided to adopt a few of these items for herself. Boy when she is finished bathing at night and reaches into her drawer and pulls out those crotchless panties I already know that we are in for a late night full of entertainment. It is funny how something so almost irrelevant like a pair of sexy panties can put a whole lot of fun into your relationship. Then there are all those other little tricks that can just add so much fun into your romance as well. Try sending some well thought out sms’s to hubby during the day. Make it clear that you intend to give him an evening of fun but start early in the day so that by the time he gets home he is already very very hot under the collar. Look back at the things that you used to do when you first got married or when you were dating and start to implement them back into your relationship. Marriage is only as good and as much fun as you create . My late wife who was full of wisdom stated a very clear fact ” Women desire touch while men desire sex. Women need to use sex to get touch and men need to use touch to get sex. That way they both get what they are looking for!”

Best weight loss tip

I received a very important warning and a fantastic weight loss tip from one of the readers and so I decided to post this very important weight loss information for all to see.

Are you one of those people that seem to just be gaining weight no matter how hard you try to lose? Well this could be the reason why you have a problem.

This is the message I received.

New information on shampoos.

I just discovered this important info below – please share with all your friends. I don’t know why I did not figure this out sooner!!!

It’s the shampoo I use in the shower.

When I wash my hair the shampoo runs down my entire body and (DUH!). Printed very clearly on the shampoo bottle label is this very important warning –

“For Extra Volume and Body”.

No wonder I have been gaining weight!!

Well now I have got rid of that shampoo and am rather going to start to use “Fairy” dishwashing liquid instead. It’s label reads-

“Dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to Remove.”

Problem solved – If I am not replying to any emails it is because i am washing my hair and losing fat in the shower.